m i c r o

[ micro atelier de arquitectura e arte ]


Micro Atelier de Arquitectura e Arte? More than one name, we are looking to identify a practice. A practice sometimes fixed in one place, sometimes portable/nomadic; sometimes continuous and sometimes intermittent. This idea of "micro" has both of precarious as of autonomous. On the one hand, a practice that operates from a single element (or a micro working structure), sometimes shared by collaborations and co-authorships; on the other, the irregular work that leads to other practices, outside of the architecture and the art practice, but that support and allow its continuity. Nevertheless, apart from these constraints, in this particular case the autonomy also led to the desire for a more expanded and hybrid practice that gravitates between the private and the public; between small and large scale, between the permanent and the ephemeral; between architecture, art and landscape.

"Micro Atelier de Arquitectura e Arte" is a research and experimentation platform made from different collaborations for different working contexts. Through the introduction of concepts like "movement", "activation", "transformation", "occupation" or "ownership" the projects explore different places of the urban landscape as binding elements of social practices. The recurrence to temporary projects reinforces the need to adapt and test different approaches through reversible and/or low-cost experiences.