[book] Drawing mechanisms

Mecanismos de desenho: observações sobre o processo de trabalho de Meireles de Pinho | Drawing mechanisms: observations on the work process of Meireles de Pinho

Created in articulation with the exhibition of works developed by the artist Meireles de Pinho during 2020,* this book proposes the approach to the idea of ‘mechanism,’ thus moving away from the idea of an exhibition’s ‘catalog.’ Thus, it mainly refers to a close and at the same time distant look on a less visible work process that is reflected in the stories of different mechanisms of exploration and materialization.

Conceived and Edited by: Miguel Costa
Translated by: José Pedro Fortuna
Published by: Parábola Crítica – Porto, Portugal
Texts by: Miguel Costa; Laura Castro; Manuel Ferreira da Silva
Images by: Claudio Almeida; Meireles de Pinho; Miguel Costa
ISBN: 978-989-33-1389-3


Exhibition images ©Cláudio Almeida

*Meireles de Pinho: Works 2020, exhibition at Viarco, The Portuguese Pencil Factory (São João da Madeira, Portugal) between December 2020 and March 2021. All works by Meireles de Pinho. Artistic consultancy: Miguel Costa.

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