[exhibition] speculative objects on vegetation and disturbance

Spectulative Objects on Vegetation and Disturbance presents a series of art installations that synthesize and translate the research conducted by the artist-researcher Miguel Costa around “lesser landscapes”. The social lives of vegetations flourishing in neglected territories of the city, escaping the desire for order found in gardens and parks, take center stage and materialize in installations, photographs, videos, and maps, as well as in living components extracted from nature. The artist’s body of work engages with the historically broad narratives that structure the introduction and spread of these vegetations in territories, referencing colonialism and issues of health and public management in Western cities. The profound exploration of these complex interactions, shaping landscapes and societies, invites visitors to reflect on the influence of vegetation on urban and suburban dynamics and its intertwining with complex geopolitical entanglements. [Inês Moreira + Beatriz Duarte]

Objectos especulativos sobre vegetação e perturbação [exposição individual]
Curadoria de Inês Moreira e Beatriz Duarte
18 Novembro 2023 – 14 Janeiro 2024
Casa das Artes – Porto

Speculative objects on vegetation and disturbance [solo exhibition]
Curated by Inês Moreira e Beatriz Duarte
November 18, 2023 – January 14, 2024
Casa das Artes – Porto

Apoio à produção / production support: Meireles de Pinho, Daniel Sorrentino, Ana Willerding.

Images: Daniel Sorrentino

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